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Blended Learning
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Our specialised business language courses offer many benefits apart from the customised, industry-specific content.

  • Financial savings - Our online courses start at 20 euros per month
  • Pedagogcal benefits - you learn English the way that you use English
  • Time management - you take your lessons where and when it suits you
  • Full-time access - you have 24-hour access to a vast collection of tutorials and exercises, including audio and video content
  • Storage and backup - no more tatty photocopied pages to keep
  • Bespoke training - your course is up-to-date and tailored for you, unlike off-the-shelf textbooks
  • Structured learning - your course is structured so you can easily recap what you've done or look ahead to future modules
  • Visibillity - Training managers have the additional advantage of having the possibility to monitor the trainee's progress and homework completion record.