Insurance - Comprehensive Training

Suggested course format:

10 sessions of 3 hours each - for example one full week, or mornings only for two weeks.

Attendees: groups of up to 8 persons, TOEIC level 550 and above.

Materials: original exercises, press articles, corporate texts, audio and video files.

Insurance Topic Example Subjects Grammar/Lexis
Insurance Occupations Job titles, chain of command presenting yourself
Numbers and mathematics Decimals, large figures, equations numbers & figures
Risk Management ERM, evaluation and transfer of risk expressing likelihood
Principles of Insurance Average, anti-selection, subrogation formal vs informal english
Insurance contract clauses Deductibles, exclusions, guarantees 1st conditionals
Insurance contracts (legal) UK contract law, mandatory clauses legal terminology
Lines of business 1 Life & health, pensions, investments medical terms
Lines of business 2 Non-life, P&C, Lloyd's of London prepositions of place
Channels of distribution Brokers, IFA, retail, bancassurance comparatives
Underwriting loadings Percent increases, per mille, modification mathematical notation
Admin TPAs, system configuration the passive voice
Premium collection & banking Direct debits, refunds, sort codes adverbs of frequency
The vocabulary of reinsurance Types, treaties, quota-share, fac linking words
Claims Procedures, loss adjusters, forms imperative voices
Insurance accounts Turnover, profits, assets & liabilities averbs of sequence
Financials 1 Reporting, budgets, stats, means dates
Financials 2 Reserves, Solvency 2, actuarial terms 'used to'
Regulation Mediation, regulatory bodies modal verbs
Projects (planning) Schedules, deadlines, milestones prepositions of time
Projects (execution) MOA / MOE, steering committees the present perfect

The first part of each session consists of the trainer eliciting technical terms and common collocations from the stagiaires. The second part will be spent on exercises designed to reinforce familiarity and understanding of the key terms. Explanations of other points of grammar or vocab will of course be offered when necessary during the training. During this second part the grammar and lexis subjects will also be studied.

Modifications can be made to the course as a better understanding of the stagiaires' needs develops.

The stagiaires will be encouraged to compile a glossary of terms which will be useful to them in the future.

The trainer will address the following ELT subjects as they occur during the course:

  • the 'faux amis' of insurance
  • common mistakes in insurance English
  • useful phrasal verbs in insurance
  • synonyms and antonyms for commonly-used words
  • abbreviations and other codes used in insurance IT systems
  • common collocations in insurance