Training - Immersion Courses

English Immersion

We offer immersion courses in business English at St Peter's School in Canterbury, Kent - accessible in just over two hours from Paris by Eurostar train.

Your Specialist Language trainer meets you at the Gare du Nord so that not a minute of your time away from the office is wasted. The tuition starts on the train with cultural and preparatory exercises.

The course itself takes place at the well-equipped St Peter's in Canterbury and will be created according to the sectors, jobs and needs of the participants. See "Specialist Courses" for an overview of the types of courses offered.

The duration can vary from 2 days to an entire week.

Excursions can be organised to the major financial institutions such as the London Stock Exchange and Lloyd's of London, in addition to events offered by other immersion courses such as golf, pub quizzes and visits to Canterbury Catherdral and other world-famous cultural centres.

Stagiaires may come from the same organisation, or work for different companies, so long as their level in English and language needs are broadly aligned.