English language training based on your business needs. We offer custom-made training courses which can be delivered in the format that suits you, whether face-to-face, in a group, by telephone, over the internet or a combination of all or some of these methods.

Our specialised English-language courses benefit technical professionals in two ways:

Business Student
  • English grammar and usage are demonstrated using example phrases of the appropriate industry. Various idioms, expressions and even numbers are better studied in the context in which they are likely to appear.
  • Technical language is changing all the time, and interpretation varies between companies and markets. Recent changes in the use of "casualty" confuse insurance communication and the different meanings of words such as "compensation" and "endorsement" between Britain and the US can be confusing.

If you have ever asked yourself one of the questions below, then Specialist Language is the right English language trainer for you.

how should I translate recettes fonctionnelles ?

         why am I misunderstood when I use the word quite ?

what does P&C stand for?

    who is the insurance ombudsman ?

is a lawyer the same as un avocat or un notaire or both?

            what does a bank sort code correspond to in France?

if un souscripteur is translated by a policyholder in English, what's an underwriter ?

    how does the social security system work in other countries?

what's the difference between a deductible and an excess when translating une franchise ?

   is a PDG the same as a CEO or an MD or neither?

why did markets fall when François Fillon talked about parity between the euro and the dollar?

                why are some companies Ltd, some are plc, and others are inc ?

what kind of meeting is an appraisal ?

                but isn't turnover related to a company's employees?