Specialist Language Advantages

Insurance Distribution
Insurance Distribution Exercise

The advantages to your language school:

  • you can offer your clients material that is not available elsewhere and is tailored to their needs
  • a "blended learning" course allows a trainer to work on grammatical structures, pronunciation and oral expression
  • trainers' preparation is reduced as the system highlights trainees' mistakes and offers work to be corrected
  • client firms appreciate your wide range of language training solutions
  • the platform can carry your logo and that of your client to emphasise your relationship
  • you can win business from companies for whom you are not the principal provider by targeting their technical staff
  • clients in hard-to-reach locations can be serviced cost-effectively

The advantages to your clients:

  • the trainees learn English in the same way that they will use it, by reading, listening, watching and repeating - including audio and video content
  • a very affordable monthly fee with our price to you starting at 25 euros per person for the general business content
  • the content is always up-to-date (no more tatty photocopies!) and can be tailored to your client
  • HR departments can monitor the diligence and progress of their employees with our online reporting
  • trainees have 24 hour access, seven days a week, and studying need not take place on company time
  • the expert finance and insurance material designed by an industry professional:
    • ensures that employees are using the correct technical language
    • focuses on eliminating commonly-made mistakes
    • improves the employees' confidence in pitches and marketing situations
    • presents the language training through a subject matter of interest to the trainee
    • demonstrates to the employee that their firm has sourced training relevant to their needs