Research Materials


All of the exercises used in the specialist courses are created exclusively for and are based on:

  • articles from the media and trade press
  • original interviews with industry professionals
  • company websites and other promotional material
  • publications from regulatory bodies and other institutions (under agreement)

Quality Control

Original content is also created by writers; in this case the accuracy of the text is verified by current industry professionas working at insurance, reinsurance, brokerage and financial firms.
This ensures that the content is up-to-date and reflects real-world usage.

The various types of material are chosen for the real benefit that they can bring to the learning process. They include:

  • technical and marketing texts, diagrams and graphs
  • audio files such as interviews and short recordings, including full and partial transcripts where necessary (this allows the content to be used for groups with varying levels of comprehension)
  • video clips and slideshows, again with full and partial transcripts
  • automated multiple-choice questionnaires with answer explanations
  • free-text questions corrected and marked on-line by the trainee's tutor
  • interactive computer-based exercises and quizzes - again designed exclusively for