Training - Workshops


"Customised Job-Specific" Workshops

Could you benefit from a series of 4 hour workshops, tilted to your specific needs? Usually each student is happy with one or two of these as a complement to their regular lessons. We email and/or telephone the student in advance of the workshop to gauge their precise job duties, and to find out what they want to cover. These workshops can be extended to an all-day 7 hour session, which is sometimes tiring, but which does help to plan the week and allows the attendee to benefit from 'immersion'.

- Obviously the ideal situation is 1-on-1 CPs of this nature, but to reduce costs for the client there is the possibility to work with 2-8 people at the same time, on condition that their levels and jobs (ie vocabulary needs) can be matched to some degree. Of course, there are also real benefits to be found in this arrangement; for example the opportunity to use role-plays and other pair or group exercises.

"General Business English" workshops

As well as very specific "ateliers métiers", we can offer more transversal subjects such as reporting & budgeting, planning projects, writing reports and emails, contract English, figures and mathematical expressions, giving presentations, running meetings, chasing up information, IT support, Quality Assurance and so on (see 'Specialist Course Themes' on the left). The advantage is that all the materials used are oriented towards the relevant sector so the subject matters match with the stagiaires' day-to-day work needs, and vocab gets learnt as a by-product.